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Diaper Bags are Here to Stay!

Blog's Focus Group Invite

After my third child started to outgrow his diaper bag - meaning we are no longer logging around tons of bottles and baby food - I could not wait to go back to my real purse. You know, after years of hanging diaper bags on the stroller handles, taking them inside a public bathroom to change my babies, I got tired of the same thing. Now, I will admit that I miss having a diaper bag, I miss the little inside and outside pockets, the cute prints and the practicality of being able to fit a lot personal items. I am...

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My Daughter Loves Purses!

New Product Coming Up

My daughter who is 3 years old loves purses! No surprise here as I love them too. You can never have enough bags, purses, totes, you name it. Every time we are getting ready to step out for an errand or just to stroll, she brings her little purse along and full of her prized possessions. I think to myself - this is a no brainer! Why not stock up on some cute little purses for our little girls. I am currently working on getting some photos done for the products. Please check back soon for our new offerings.

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Mama Martina Online Store is Here!

Today is a great day for Mama Martina! It is a very first day of launching my very first online store. Yey! If you mamas have any questions, tips, ideas, please share them with me in the blog. I will be happy to hear from you.  Please remember, I want to make your experience unique, no hassle, and fun. Therefore I am making my store simple.... Any diaper bag is $49 and a standard priority mail shipping is on us!  I am looking forward to a great business venture and meeting new mama friends along the way. I will be...

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