Emergency Diaper Change Supply For Dad!

I take my kids out while my husband is working and I always carry a diaper bag for obvious reasons. Even though my youngest is getting bigger, it will be some time before he is fully potty trained. There is no rush, and honestly I will keep the diapers on my son as long as possible. I am really terrified of any accidents outside the comfort of our home. 

When we took a shopping trip to Costco a few days ago, Ryker's diaper was suddenly "inflated" and we could tell he is getting super uncomfortable. My husband could tell I was getting irritated at the fact that I will need to take a break from shopping to change Ryker. This happens a lot, and I was hoping he would take the situation into his own hands and offers to change Ryker himself in the family restroom. He did! Instead of handing him my heavy diaper bag, I took out my favorite diaper pouch and handed it to him. I was confident, he would find everything he needed to change Ryker. See my pic of everything I was able to fit in it. Diaper, wipes, plastic bag and a tube of cream. Super convenient! And I keep another diaper pouch like this one in my car as well. You just never know when you will need a fresh diaper for your little one. 

What do you use to carry your baby essentials outside your diaper bag or inside your car? I would love to hear from you. 

Mama Martina

Diaper Pouch

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