About Mama Martina

I am Martina Jensen. My family lives in Kapolei, Hawaii. My husband Chris and I have 3 children: Stevie (14), Alex (10) and Ryker (8). I am a stay-at-home mama with a knack for designing bags that any mom can find attractive without the high price tag.

I used to buy mama bags left and right after my daughter was born. The market was flooded with a variety of bags and I could not find the perfect one that would be large enough for my needs. The bags were either boring, stiff, too small or had too many zippers. In addition, I could not get used to bags with multiple pockets on the outside. My things were getting lost and was I frustrated. With all that in mind I designed a bag that was simple, practical and affordable. 

Customer service is an important part of my online business venture. I pay attention to my customer's needs. I ship fast because I know that you can't wait to get a package :-).

In the past, I worked for retail establishments such as Neiman Marcus (Customer Service Coordinator, Austin, Texas) and Cinnamon Girl (Sales Associate, Honolulu, Hawaii).

I love what I create for other mamas. Your engagement, feedback, friendly comments on our FB page is what keeps me going! Thank you for visiting my online store!