Your New Best Friend on the Tennis Courts/ Video Included

Your New Best Friend on the Tennis Courts/ Video Included

If you bring your family to the tennis courts often, you will appreciate having a nice shade. Many tennis public tennis courts are not shaded, some don't even have any trees around. Having a shade while playing a sport is important. You want to take break and relax in a comfortable space. 

We love the Quick Shade Sun Protection Canopy. We've owned it for several years and it never disappoints. I have to give a credit to Chris for always thinking about bringing it with us, I tend to forget or I just don't think we need it. But yes, when it's set up, it's your next best friend! 

In the video, we are showing you how easy it is to set up. Even one person can do it, and it won't take more than 2 minutes.  No tools are required. The canopy is secured to the posts with the velcro, so no loose strings flying around. Best of all, this canopy fits over most benches. When you are done, simply place it back into a backpack style carrier. You can view more information and purchase the canopy here.

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